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2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

The 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Report of Agricultural Bank of China (Environmental Social and Governance Report) (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”) is the 15th report released by Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) since 2007. The framework and content of the Report were prepared to comply with relevant standards and guidelines, including GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards and GRI Financial Service Sector Supplemental Guidelines, ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Guidelines (2010), and other requirements on social responsibilities stipulated by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the China Banking Association, the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. 

The Report is composed of five sections including Overview, Special Topics, Practice Chapter, ESG and Ending. Special Topics fully showcases the Party history learning, the celebration of the 100th founding of the CPC, and priorities and highlights of the Party building carried out by ABC throughout the year. Practice Chapter, the focus and core, exhibits ABC’s contributions and achievements of social responsibility fulfillment in areas closely related with the well-being of the people such as county finance, inclusive finance, green finance, and social welfare in an all-round and multi-dimensional manner, through five themes including “serving rural revitalization, boosting the real economy, protecting ecological environment, focusing on people’s livelihood and building a better society together”. This shows that ABC holds in its heart the interests of the people, solves the problems of the people and makes people’s life better with concrete efforts. In ESG section, ABC’s ESG management approaches, measures and achievements are illustrated in a concentrated manner.

Using color lead painting, graphic design and other forms, the Report demonstrates ABC’s efforts of cultivating in all areas of social responsibility and contributing to sustainable development.


Please click here to download the 2021 CSR Report.